IRI Regional Programs


IRI supports the consolidation of democratic gains in transitioning African states by promoting free, transparent elections and increasing the ability of political parties to recognize and effectively champion the needs of constituents, particularly among youth, women and marginalized groups.  IRI also focuses on promoting democratic governance, working with government, civil society and citizens to find common solutions to problems facing municipalities.


IRI assists countries throughout Asia that have undergone transitions to democracy, as well as those taking steps toward democracy, by encouraging transparency, pluralism, open elections and democratic governance.  In an effort to improve political processes, strengthen political parties, increase government accountability and enhance civic engagement, IRI supports and provides expertise to political parties, civil society, women and youth.


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet republics have moved at varying speeds in democratic development.  The Baltic States are European democracies, Belarus lies as an outpost of dictatorial tyranny and Ukraine faces difficulty in consolidating democratic gains. Other countries have proven prone to authoritarian backsliding.  Against this backdrop, IRI promotes the development of a democratic culture among electorates, political parties and governments, and conducts democratic governance programming in countries where political transitions have taken place.


IRI helps develop mature political parties in Europe that can mobilize voters and design effective policies.  IRI polling and trainings help parties better respond to the public’s concerns and compete for votes as well as strengthen institutions to promote more effective democratic governance.  To expand political participation, IRI supports civil society organizations that advocate for the interests of women, youth and the disabled.

Latin America and the Caribbean

IRI works to generate substantive political dialogue through the development of issue-based policies, promote strong democratic governance, enhance representation and inclusion of marginalized populations, and promote meaningful participation by civil society and citizens to demand accountability and effective representation from their government.

Middle East and North Africa

The desire for democratic change has taken root among people in the Middle East and North Africa.  IRI programs – ranging from training political parties in Tunisia, to democratic governance assistance in Jordan, to public opinion research in Pakistan – are meeting and maximizing the diverse political openings that characterize the region.