Democratic Governance in Africa

    IRI works to build the capacity of civil society organizations and government officials throughout sub-Saharan Africa in order to generate more accessible, accountable, effective and transparent local governments.

    Democratic Republic of the Congo

    IRI works with women and youth to help them attain and strengthen the skills needed to assume positions of political leadership.


    IRI assists elected officials meet the needs of their constituents and strengthens democratic governance and accountability at the local level.  IRI also supports civic education on Kenya’s new constitution.


    Through its support to civil society, political parties, journalists and key stakeholders, IRI supports the peaceful implementation of Mali’s electoral processes.


    IRI works with political parties, civil society, government institutions and other stakeholders to strengthen the electoral reform process.  IRI also promotes greater leadership and participation of women, youth and persons with disabilities in the political process.


    IRI supports the Somaliland Parliament, political parties and civil society organizations to encourage a culture of policy-making that is based in scientific research and addresses citizen issue priorities.

    South Africa

    With the South African Institute of Race Relations, IRI works to monitor and draw attention to democratic governance and free society issues.

    South Sudan

    IRI offers capacity building and technical assistance to political parties as well as South Sudan’s national and state legislative assemblies.  IRI also encourages the political participation of youth, women and other marginalized groups.


    IRI supports the Darfur peace process through its work with the Liberation and Justice Movement and provides technical assistance to the movement to support its transition into a viable political party.


    IRI works with political parties on increasing their organizational and policy-making capacity.


    IRI works with democratic political parties at the national and sub-national level to increase their internal organizational capacity and ability to compete in elections.