IRI supports the work of local civil society to provide objective analysis on the parliamentary elections scheduled for fall 2013 and early 2014, and conducts public opinion polling to gauge the electoral environment.


    IRI works with political parties, members of the media and women so that they can engage more actively in Bhutan’s new democracy.


    IRI supports engagement among civil society, political parties and government, reinforcing the ongoing democratic reform process.  IRI also works with Burmese partners to encourage political participation and help them develop policies that serve citizens’ interests.


    IRI’s innovative youth program encourages civic involvement of young Cambodians.  IRI supports the internal development of political parties through public opinion polling and youth leadership development.


    To strengthen China’s emerging civil society, IRI helps citizens raise awareness of their rights, engage all levels of government to influence public policy and better serve their communities.


    IRI’s work helps political parties better address voter concerns, improve constituents’ access to provincial level elected officials and supports the creation of issue-based campaigns.  IRI also promotes greater involvement and leadership of women and youth in the political process.


    IRI works to strengthen civil society in Laos by building the capacity of nascent nonprofit associations through training programs on organizational management, financial management and sustainability strategies.


    IRI provides programming for political parties that are striving to develop better voter outreach and communications strategies.


    To address constituent concerns and inform government policy, IRI promotes democratic governance and initiatives that connect citizens, officials and government institutions. 


    Through public opinion research in Thailand, IRI focuses on identifying the core needs and priorities of Thai citizens to establish greater links between political institutions and key public concerns.


    IRI works with political parties to strengthen their institutional and organizational structures to help them compete in elections.  IRI also works to develop the capacity of civil society to plan and conduct voter and civic education initiatives.