Baltic-Eurasia Inter-Parliamentary Training Institute

    IRI links parliamentarians from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to their counterparts in Lithuania to help them develop the skills to govern in a transparent, responsive and effective manner.


    Working with Belarusian pro-democratic parties, IRI supports efforts to implement a long-term pro-democracy strategy, combining election participation with issue advocacy and information dissemination.


    IRI continues to train political parties and offer a nonpartisan source of reliable public opinion data.  IRI also supports newly elected local councils through its regional governance program.

    Kyrgyz Republic

    IRI helps build national political parties with strong regional branches and clear, issue-based platforms.


    IRI provides regular survey research to political parties, government officials and civic organizations to inform them of citizen opinions and priorities, as well as to assist them in formulating issue-based campaigns.


    IRI helps strengthen interregional networks of civic activists focusing on development of civil society and democratic institutions.  Through conferences and trainings, IRI provides activists with skills to strengthen democratic society.


    IRI trains local elected officials in democratic governance principles and provides skills training on effective political leadership through its youth political leadership schools.