Bosnia and Herzegovina

    IRI works with political parties, think tanks and women to support democratic reform and accountability, assist local communities and civil society improve their advocacy efforts, and foster the inclusion of women and youth in the political process.

    Europe Regional Program

    IRI provides support to the region’s democratic institutions through political party training and technical assistance, most notably through the Leadership Institute for Central and Eastern Europe.  IRI also organizes seminars and other events within Europe and the U.S. that help advance global democracy-building work.

    European Partnership Initiative

    IRI and its partner, the European People’s Party, build links between leaders, government officials and think tanks from the U.S. and Europe.  These cross-Atlantic relationships develop multilateral support for democracy-building programs worldwide.


    IRI works with reform-oriented parties to improve their policy development and communication skills. IRI’s public opinion research program helps government bodies, parties and civil society organizations evaluate how responsive they are to citizens’ concerns.


    Using public opinion polling, IRI works to strengthen Turkish political parties at the local level through training and consultations on campaign techniques, message development and communications strategies.