Latin America and the Caribbean


    IRI helps municipalities develop and share best practices of democratic governance, while also providing platforms for local issues to be discussed at the national and subnational levels.  IRI also works with civil society to promote dialogue and advocacy on issues of national concern.


    IRI helps increase access to information and enhances the ability of civil society to advocate for democratic, social and economic reforms.  Through the use of public opinion research, IRI also helps Cubans build an understanding of citizens’ views, concerns and priorities.

    Democratic Governace in Central America

    IRI works with municipal government officials to strengthen democratic governance practices, encourage meaningful engagement with civil society and expand networks of democratic governance practitioners.


    IRI helps strengthen links between local government officials, civil society and citizens to promote a better understanding of government actions and to further their communications and interactions with each other.


    IRI strengthens the capacity of Guatemala’s Congress to legislate and provide effective oversight.  IRI also strengthens democratic governance practices at the municipal level by promoting transparent and accountable government, responsive and efficient service delivery, and inclusive decision-making.


    IRI improves democratic governance at the state and municipal level.  IRI also facilitates opportunities for political leaders to work with civil society and citizens to discuss important issues and collaborate in the development of effective policies.


    IRI increases the political literacy of citizens by supporting independent media and their role as an independent watchdog.


    Working with civil society, IRI is increasing civic engagement in advance of the May 2014 elections.


    IRI works with Peru’s Congress to enhance its legislative, representative and oversight capacities.


    IRI helps political actors and elected officials understand citizen concerns, develop effective issue-based policies and strengthen democratic governance.  IRI also supports civil society efforts to represent citizen priorities.