Political Party Development

The key to any democracy is the ability of individuals and groups to express their opinion and compete in the political process. Strong political parties or independent candidates give people a choice among ideas, and parties act as a bridge for likeminded individuals to advocate for issues and communicate with political powers. 

In the Republic of Georgia, IRI has worked to strengthen political party structures since 1999.  The Institute’s work helps parties effectively communicate their platforms, utilize campaign technologies and develop and strengthen regional structures. 

Since the 2008 presidential election, IRI has helped Georgian political parties develop viable platforms and ideas on which to base their constituent messages.  With IRI assistance, parties of all ideologies have become more competent at communicating their platforms through traditional media, as well as the Internet.  This outreach has increased the participation of previously disenfranchised populations, including ethnic minorities, in the political process, and has enriched the variety of policy options for voters. 

IRI’s work has contributed to the country’s transition from an autocratic state with rampant corruption to one of the most transparent and successful democracies in the former Soviet Union.