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An NDI-IRI assessment mission reported that Tunisia appears to be on a decidedly democratic path since the beginning of its political transition in 2011.  But to maintain public confidence, it must ensure elections are free of undue partisan interference.


In the second in a series of reports issued on Tunisia’s preparations for elections, IRI looks at the second voter registration period.  With registration now closed, 993,696 new voters have registered, for a total of 5.2 million voters out of an estimated 7.4 million eligible voters.


Economic Assistance Alone Will Not Lead to Success in Tunisia


Part of an early generation of Tunisian activists, Chebbi courageously led the fight for democracy and human rights for more than four decades for which he was imprisoned and forced into exile.  Now a member of the National Constituent Assembly, he is focused on making sure democracy meets the expectations of those who bravely overthrew a dictator.


Tired of living in fear of a harsh dictatorship which prohibited free speech and political freedom, the founders of iWatch wanted a new, free and democratic Tunisia.  When the revolution began in Sidi Bouzid, they were among hundreds of young Tunisians who stood up to the brutality of President Ben Ali’s security services.


‘It Is a New Day for My Sons’


Tunisia: The Little Country that Could...and Did

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