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Bring Citizens Together

When individuals unite as a civil society organization, they can better raise awareness of community problems and advocate for change. IRI shows citizens that they have a responsibility to develop relationships with political parties, and we help those citizens organize to create a dialogue and work strategically with government officials. Together we expand their collective capacity to create more accessible, accountable, and effective governance.

Through civil society, people find solutions to community problems, demand change in government policies, raise public awareness and increase citizen participation – all critical components of a thriving democracy.

In Colombia, IRI works with local and national government leaders to institutionalize a transparent peace process that includes engaging citizens in the decision-making process. Citizen ownership is key to maintaining peace throughout the difficult transition. Learn more about IRI’s work in Colombia HERE.

Corruption undermines citizens’ confidence in their government and democracy, especially in newly transitioning countries. Service delivery, public financial management, and infrastructure development involve frequent government-citizen interaction. These areas are also especially ripe for corruption.  

In response, IRI works with governments and civil society to educate citizens and public officials on anti-corruption measures. For example, in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Ukraine, among other countries, IRI’s Vulnerabilities to Corruption Approach helped leaders (1) identify potential risks of corruption in governmental processes and (2) guide communities in developing a collaborative plan to address those problems. Learn more about our Vulnerabilities to Corruption Approach HERE.

Thousands of people have fled Tunisia to fight in Syria and Iraq. Tunisian security forces and government leaders are eager to collaborate on peaceful solutions to the problem. IRI convened a diverse group of stakeholders to share research and facilitate a dialogue to develop solutions to stem the flow of foreign fighters.

The conference, convened local and national government officials, security forces, civil society organizations, and youth from vulnerable areas and looked at how to expand the dialogue to develop actionable policy solutions. To learn more about the conference click HERE.  

The generous support of individuals and corporations enable IRI staff and volunteers to carry out its mission around the world. With your help, IRI will continue its mission of hope for decades to come.

IRI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible

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