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Build Citizen-Centered Governments

Effective democratic leaders focus on what people need to be free, secure, and involved.

IRI shares its expertise in democratic governance development—born of more than 30 years of advancing democracy worldwide—to make sure good governance exists and thrives. Each country’s path to democratic development is unique; all democracies must be sustainable, and can be when people and their issues are priorities.

Citizen Security

When all citizens feel safe in their neighborhoods, people don’t abandon their homes, and the whole community has a better chance to thrive. IRI helps create stable communities, which can mitigate uncontrolled migration. When we connect residents with municipal authorities and police, we encourage an integrated approach to law enforcement in which stakeholders share responsibilities for community safety.

IRI has bolstered collaboration on citizen security throughout the Northern Triangle. In El Salvador, we created online portals for reporting crimes and requesting repairs to safety-related infrastructure such as streetlights. Read more about our approach to violence and crime prevention here.

Preventing Violent Extremism

Weak and unresponsive government institutions increase the opportunities for extremists to prey on youth and others in vulnerable communities. IRI counters by helping local governments to be more efficient, responsive, and inclusive in places like Indonesia, Kosovo, Tanzania, and Tunisia. Our three-step process of understand, inform, and equip engages decision makers and those most at risk in the democratic process. This allows them to channel their desire for change into constructive political and civic involvement.

Executive Strengthening

An accountable, responsive, and legitimate executive branch in each level of government is essential to the health of a democratic system. In a democracy, the executive branch makes certain that laws are implemented and enforced. IRI provides technical expertise to ensure that executive authorities work to reinforce democracy by prioritizing citizen needs.

After the 2014 elections in Tunisia—just three years after citizens toppled the country’s dictator—IRI and the new Prime Minister’s office worked with other newly elected leaders to stimulate intergovernmental communication and facilitate participatory planning with key ministries. This led to a new interministerial working group of 20 ministries in frequent contact with citizens as well as an intragovernmental counter-terrorism task force.

At the local level, IRI established an Annual Mayor’s Roundtable in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of subnational executive authority. This forum contributes to collaborative, city-level strategizing on how to solve urgent problems of municipal development. Learn more about our Annual Mayor’s Roundtable here.

The generous support of individuals and corporations enable IRI staff and volunteers to carry out its mission around the world. With your help, IRI will continue its mission of hope for decades to come.

IRI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible

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