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Hallam Ferguson

Regional Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa

Hallam Ferguson began his career with IRI in 2004 in Afghanistan.  After further posts overseas and in Washington, Ferguson was named deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa division in 2011 and now manages the largest division at the Institute.

While based in Kabul, Ferguson helped prepare Afghanistan for its first-ever presidential election in 2004, and worked with independent candidates from around the country to compete in the subsequent 2005 parliamentary elections.  During this time, Ferguson organized two high-profile election observation missions and traveled extensively throughout Afghanistan to implement IRI’s programs.  In 2006 Ferguson transferred to Washington to help manage programs throughout the Middle East. 

In June 2008 Ferguson returned once again to the field as director of operations for IRI’s Iraq program, where in addition to managing the administration of all Iraq field offices he developed and ran a program to bring Iraqi sheikhs further into democratic politics.  In January 2010 he assumed overall management of the Iraq program, at that time the largest one at IRI.      

In April 2011, Ferguson became deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa division, where he is now responsible for overseeing diverse programs from Morocco to Pakistan.  Prior to joining IRI, Ferguson earned his master’s degree in international security studies at Georgetown University, where he received fellowships to study Central Asia and Afghanistan.