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IRI Live

Tune in on Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 2:00 pm for: 

Building Resilient Communities through Engagement of Vulnerable Youth in Nairobi Slums:
A Discussion with IRI and Global Communities' Kenya Tuna Uwezo Program

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About the next event: 

Creative and community-driven initiatives play an important role in preventing conflict and violent extremism. In Kenya, the IRI and Global Communities partnered under the USAID-funded Kenya Tuna Uwezo ("We Have The Power") program to engage vulnerable youth in several of Nairobi's largest informal settlements with an interactive civic education initiative. Since 2015, IRI and Global Communities developed a core of youth civic educators from Kenya Tuna Uwezo who not only informed vulnerable youth about their rights and responsibilities, but also sought to provide tools and strategies to engage local government leaders on important issues and needs of youth as well as approaches to make their communities more resilient. This panel discussion will feature four activists from Global Communities and Kenya Tuna Uwezo who have dedicated their lives to building peace and preventing violence through an inclusive, interfaith and grassroots based approach in Kenyan society alongside members of IRI Kenya program team. The panel will discuss challenges and opportunities for peacebuilding, participatory governance and preventing violent extremism among vulnerable youth in Nairobi's informal settlements.