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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet republics have moved at varying speeds in democratic development. In countries throughout Eurasia, we work with political parties, citizens and public officials to:

  • Create multi-party political systems, with democratic issue-based parties that are responsive to citizens;
  • Promote strong practices of democratic governance at local and national levels;
  • Enhance political awareness and representation of marginalized populations, including women and youth; and,
  • Strengthen the ability of civil society institutions and grassroots organizers to advocate for change and increase overall citizen engagement in political processes.

In Eurasia, our core programming focuses on:

  • Building Multi-Political Systems: Supporting regional party structures, promoting strategic development initiatives and expanding voter outreach.
  • National Public Opinion Polling: Applying methodologically-sound public opinion research to develop issue-based political party platforms and campaign strategies that address voter concerns.
  • Municipal Best Practices: Closing the gap between constituents and local government officials to improve government transparency and responsiveness.
  • Strengthening Electoral Processes: Building skills for candidates to compete in elections and enhancing the transparency of elections by training nationwide election observers and conducting international election observation missions.
  • Civic Outreach and Education: Enabling civil society organizations to develop the next generation of civic leaders capable of establishing constituent-focused processes and advocating for reforms.
  • Legislative Skill Building: Aiding parliamentarians and parliamentary staff from across Eurasia to develop key capabilities through our Baltic-Eurasia Inter-Parliamentary Training Institute.
  • Regional Best Practices: Sharing best practices and proposing solutions to common challenges among democratic political party leaders and activists from countries across Eurasia.