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Ensure Elections Count

In a democracy, all citizens have the right and the responsibility to participate in the election process. Candidates have the right to compete in a fair election in which each player has an equal chance to succeed.

IRI establishes processes to elect party leaders democratically. In partnership with civil society groups, we increase interest in elections with get-out-the-vote campaigns and by educating voters about their rights and how they can influence election and policy outcomes.

Observing Elections Post-Arab Spring

Holding elections does not mean a country is democratic; however, no country can be a democracy without them. In a democracy, credible elections are transparent, open and competitive and the ballots are secret. To ensure elections meet these standards, we conduct pre-election assessment missions, monitor elections and publish reports on election outcomes.

As the Tunisian political environment approaches a more decentralized future, we are working with local political parties to adapt; however, our experience in Tunisia began with elections, as we led efforts in 2014 to observe the country’s first post-revolution parliamentary election. As Tunisia drew international attention as the only success story of the Arab Spring, IRI was there. Our observation efforts did not end there, as we also observed the presidential and subsequent runoff elections. To learn more about our election monitoring efforts click HERE.

Helping Media Play a Positive Role in the Tanzanian Election Process

Supporting media prior to elections helps quality information be reported empowering people to have a voice in their future.

Our peace and elections program in Tanzania strengthens the ability of traditional and non-traditional media to report accurate information on the elections and referendum to the public, and specifically to youth. In collaboration with Internews, we work to strengthen journalist’s ability to play a constructive and peaceful role in the election cycle.

Voter Education in the Gambia

An informed electorate is critical to holding democratic elections. Working with local civil society partners, we support voter education campaigns that raise voter awareness of the importance of elections, responsibilities of citizenship and mechanics of voting.

In the lead up to the December 1, 2016, presidential election, IRI was one of the few international organizations to conduct democracy and governance programming in the Gambia. Understanding the importance of the election, we held a five-day workshop in Senegal for 40 Gambian civil society activists that imparted tools, skills, and knowledge to design and implement non-violent voter education and mobilization programs targeting youth. These initiatives leading up to the election contributed to a high youth voter turnout on Election Day. To learn more about our work in the the Gambia click HERE.

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