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Extractive Industries

Strengthening local development with citizen participation and accountability in extractive industry zones.

Industrial sectors, governments and local populations depend on each other to prosper and attend to their own interests.  Using elements of our best practice methodology, we help communities located near extractive industry zones strengthen democratic governing capacity to enable the development of open communication channels and dialogues between industries, authorities and citizens—so that all benefit from increased economic develop while protecting the environment and the community. 

Fast Facts

Most countries in the Americas have extractive industries of one kind or another, including mining, hydrocarbon development, logging, wind and solar farming.  In pilot projects that began in 2015, we are helping municipal and national governments incorporate citizen inputs into policies governing land and resources, opening up dialogue with industry leaders, and developing transparent process for municipal use of taxes and royalties emanating from these industries.  At the same time, we are helping to strengthen the capacity of civil society to understand related issues and advocate for best practices.

Workshops bring together citizens, civil society organizations, industry representatives and authorities in an open and organized way.  Such programs also facilitate dialogue through town-hall meetings, debates, roundtables, and radio and television programs.

Some of Our Successes

In Colombia and Peru, we are working in four municipalities that receive royalties from extractive industries and that have committed themselves to improving the effectiveness of resource management using transparency, participation and citizen consultation.  In these municipalities, we also work with civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to making a meaningful contribution to public policies.  

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