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Open Dialogue

Supporting vibrant civic discourse through free expression and free flow of information.

Open Dialogue programs help citizens, civil society groups, reporters and media organizations strengthen their ability to communicate effectively with the public and decision-makers on matters of citizen interest.  Our methodology provides workshops for individuals and groups help them make optimum use of meetings, roundtables, social media, the Internet, broadcast communications and help them safeguard space for freedom of expression. 

Fast Facts

Often the most effective communication is face-to-face, especially in the case of communication among citizens, civil society groups and public officials at the community level.  The Internet is a channel rapidly growing in importance, with penetration rates in the Americas standing at nearly 65 percent overall and ranging from five percent to more than 90 percent depending on the country.  Television stations number more than 1,700 in the region, while radio is the most common medium of mass communication with about 9,500 outlets, in addition to some 10,000 low-power community stations. 

Some of Our Successes

Open Dialogue has been incorporated into almost all programming throughout the region.  In Mexico, we have partnered with athletic teams to build awareness of justice reforms among crucial audiences who attend sporting events.  Using public service announcements feature sports teams, advertising and articles in sports publications, we have promoted awareness of crucial justice reforms in ways that large audiences can easily understand across the country’s social landscape. 

We have launched public affairs radio and television programs in Central and South America, including This Week in Parliament, Guyana’s first nationally broadcast show where lawmakers report on their activities in the National Assembly.  Throughout the region, we work with civil society groups to enhance outreach and make the most of digital media and community radio in smaller municipalities.

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