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Bright Spots of Democracy - Hong Kong

December 19, 2019

1: government by the people

The greatest challenge to the seemingly overwhelming power of authoritarian governments is the ordinary citizen's willingness to put themselves at risk for the sake of democracy. This year, Hong Kong's citizens have been demonstrating that willingness through protests that have been ongoing since June. As protesters seek to maintain momentum in the face of violent crackdowns, their demands are clear - Hongkongers want democracy. In this episode, we look at the stories of four student activists from Hong Kong, their journey into activism, and what keeps them motivated to pursue democracy.

Host Sam Johannes spoke with:

  • Edy Jeh, a member of the University of Hong Kong Students' Union
  • Danian Wan, current council chair of the University of Hong Kong Students' Union
  • Kelly Hung, an activist at the University of Hong Kong and an employee in the Legislative Councilor's Office
  • Joey Siu, current acting vice president of the City University of Hong Kong Students' Union

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