“The world is watching the unfolding U.S. presidential contest with concern as leading candidates promise radically different approaches to international affairs.

“Yet in what may be a surprise to those who worry about isolationist and protectionist instincts in the U.S., new polling shows that strong majorities of Americans believe their country should lead the world, invest in military power, promote international trade, support freedom and democracy, and stand with Ukraine until it wins its war against Russian aggression.

“The results should be encouraging to a world that looks to Washington not to retreat from solemn commitments to friends and allies, and to use its power to help uphold international security and prosperity.

“According to the latest survey by the Ronald Reagan Institute in Washington, an arm of the foundation that finances the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California, Americans do believe that it is important to focus on problems at home. But when asked concrete questions about foreign policy, bipartisan majorities indicated they believe in the core principles of international engagement. …”

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