IRI Impact Report 2023

In fiscal year 2023, IRI worked in more than 100 countries to strengthen political parties, civil society, marginalized communities, and in other areas essential to democratic governance.

IRI’s Key Impact Areas

Strengthening Political Parties

76Political Parties


400Policies and Practices

IRI supported 76 political parties in 15 countries. With IRI’s assistance, these parties improved more than 400 policies and practices to enhance internal party operations, include underrepresented groups in party decision-making, and improve overall competitiveness.

Empowering Civil Society

9,122Civil Society Activists


758Advocacy Intiatives

IRI supported 9,122 civil society activists in 31 countries to design, research, build consensus, and implement 758 advocacy initiatives globally.

Advancing Electoral Integrity

10,436Election Observers




IRI sponsored 10,436 election observers across seven countries and reached 19,959,771 individuals through voter and civic education in 39 countries.

IRI and its partners also released reports that included 147 recommendations to enhance electoral integrity in five countries.

IRI also supported citizen election observation initiatives in The Gambia, Timor-Leste, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria, bolstering citizen-led movements to monitor the security environment, encourage peaceful participation, and catalyze reform.

Supporting Citizen-Centered Governance

7,480Elected Officials


796Pieces of Legislation and Policy Documents

IRI engaged 7,480 government and elected officials across 34 countries. With IRI support, these officials developed 796 pieces of legislation and policy documents.

Promoting Political Inclusion



IRI supported more than 140,000 women and more than 40,000 youth all over the world through training, mentorship, leadership development, political skills building, and other technical assistance.

130Initiatives and Policies

IRI supported political parties to develop 130 initiatives and policies to improve participation or representation of traditionally marginalized groups, including women, youth, and PWDs.

Fighting Corruption and Kleptocracy


IRI’s anticorruption and transparency programs reached nearly 1,500 individuals in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, underscoring our unwavering commitment to the fight against corruption.

Countering Foreign Authoritarian Influence


IRI collaborated with media, civil society, and government partners in 68 countries in every region of the world to counter corrosive authoritarian influence.  

Leveraging Technology for Democracy


IRI supported 2,485 individuals through training and technical assistance on digital literacy, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and information integrity issues and best practices. 

Improving Policy Responsiveness Through Polling

Accurate data on citizens’ needs, priorities, and opinions are the cornerstone of developing responsive policies that address citizen concerns. IRI regularly conducts public opinion research and produces analysis with actionable insights for decision makers.



 IRI conducted 57 polls in 45 countries to better understand citizens’ needs, concerns, and priorities.  

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