International Republican Institute to Close Office in Pakistan

Washington, D.C.—The International Republican Institute (IRI) will close its operations in Pakistan on March 31 due to the expiration of program funding. IRI will continue to pursue its international nongovernmental organization registration through the Ministry of the Interior in anticipation of a resumption of programming.

“Our current program is concluding due to an end in funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development,” said Scott Mastic, IRI Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa. “Although we are closing our Pakistan office, we view this as a temporary hiatus as we seek funding support. IRI remains committed to supporting Pakistan’s democratic development and looks forward to returning in the near future.”

IRI has worked in Pakistan since 2002, conducting public opinion research, national and provincial level political party strengthening, democratic governance and civic participation programs. In the course of 15 years in Pakistan, IRI has built strong relationships with political parties and civic organizations to facilitate the strengthening of the country’s democratic institutions.

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