IRI Albania Poll Reveals Economic and Corruption Concerns; Majority See Lack of Municipal Action but Remain Committed to Democratic Governance

Tirana, Albania – A newly released public opinion poll in Albania by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) reveals substantial concerns about the economy, corruption, and local governance. Despite these challenges, the majority of Albanians continue to express strong support for democratic governance.

The poll found that 79% of adults identified high prices and the cost of living as the country’s top issue. Eighty-seven percent also acknowledged corruption as a serious problem in Albania.  

Additionally, the poll showed that 53% of Albanians believe their municipal leaders are doing little or nothing to address the needs of the people.  

Despite these concerns, the poll also found that 78% of respondents believe that democracy is the best form of government. Furthermore, 73% stated they are very or somewhat likely to vote in the upcoming municipal elections in May. 

“The results of this poll underscore the importance of addressing economic and corruption issues while maintaining and strengthening democratic institutions in Albania,” said Paul McCarthy, IRI’s Europe Director. “It’s essential that government leaders at the national and local levels work together to create opportunities for Albanians to build a bright future.” 

Methodology  The survey was conducted by IDRA Research & Consulting on behalf of the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute throughout Albania. Fieldwork was conducted from January 29 – February 13, 2023, through the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) technique, administered through face-to-face interviews in respondents’ homes. ​The sample of 1,200 Albanians was selected via a multistage stratified cluster selection, and the achieved sample was weighted for age groups, region, gender, and urbanicity according to the 2011 Census parameters. The margin of error for the mid-range of the full sample does not exceed ±2.8 points at the 95% confidence level. ​The response rate was 57%.

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