IRI Moldova Poll Shows Strong Support for EU Membership, Trust in Leadership Despite Economic Challenges

Chisinau, Moldova – A new poll in Moldova by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) shows strong support for European Union (EU) membership, concern over the state of the economy, and trust in President Sandu’s leadership.

The poll found that Moldovan support for joining the EU is high. Sixty-three percent of Moldovans support EU membership, while 33% oppose it. Currently, 82% of Moldovans believe current relations with the EU are either very good or somewhat good and 67% believe it is one of the country’s most important economic partners.  

“This data clearly demonstrates that Moldovans desire to be part of the European Union,” said Stephen Nix, Senior Director for Eurasia at IRI. “They understand that Western institutions are essential to a future that will provide peace and prosperity.” 

IRI’s survey also highlights key economic challenges facing the country. Fifty-seven percent cite the cost of living as among the two biggest problems. Low income (24%) and unemployment (19%) were the second and third most frequently named problems cited in the poll.  

When asked which political figure or public person they trust the most, President Maia Sandu was the most common answer in Chisinau (33%) and Moldova (26%).  

“Our poll shows that President Sandu is increasingly trusted by citizens to manage the national challenges facing Moldova,” said Nix.  


The survey was coordinated by Dr. Rasa Alisauskiene from Baltic Surveys/The Gallup Organization on behalf of the Center for Insights in Survey Research. The fieldwork was carried out by Magenta Consulting. Data was collected throughout Moldova (with the exception of  Transnistria) between October 1 and November 15, 2022, through face-to-face interviews in respondent’s homes.  The main sample consisted of 1,233 permanent residents of Moldova aged 18 and older and eligible to vote and is representative of the general population by gender, region and settlement size (urban/rural), according to the Moldova Statistical Databank from 2019.​  

The sample of residents of Chisinau Municipality consists of 714 permanent residents of Chisinau Municipality aged 18 and older. It is representative of the Chisinau Municipality population by gender and settlement size (urban/rural), according to the Moldova Statistical Databank from 2019. It is made up of 299 interviews from the main sample and 415 oversample interviews. ​ 

The main sample was weighted for gender, region, and urbanicity and the Chisinau sample was weighted for gender and urbanicity according to the Moldova Statistical Databank from 2019. ​The margin of error of the main sample does not exceed plus or minus 2.8 percentage points. The response rate in the main sample was 62 percent.​ 

​The survey was funded by the United States Agency for International Development.​ 

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