IRI Releases 2023 Impact Report Highlighting Accomplishments in its 40th Year

Washington, DC – The International Republican Institute (IRI) released its 2023 Impact Report today, showcasing its work in over 100 countries and highlighting efforts to advance democracy worldwide in its 40th year.

Ineffective, unresponsive governance and weak institutions are at the root of global threats to democracy. Entrenched corruption and the resurgence of authoritarianism further exacerbate these challenges. To combat these threats to democracy, IRI has worked tirelessly to strengthen political parties, civil society, marginalized communities, and democratic governance across the globe. Much of that work is highlighted in the 2023 Impact Report.

“Authoritarian powers are increasingly united in their efforts to upend the free world that the U.S. and our democratic allies and partners have worked so hard to defend,” said Daniel Twining, President of IRI. “At the same time, we at IRI have seen up close the incredible dedication of so many of our partners around the world to building a future to freedom, whatever the obstacles.”

In 2023, IRI worked in more than 100 countries to promote political transparency and government accountability. IRI’s staff and local partners supported legislators to combat corruption, helped citizens counter malign foreign influence, connected policymakers with their constituencies, and empowered individuals who have previously felt left out of the political process. The Impact Report offers specific examples of how IRI’s work helps provide the necessary political tools to those looking to build a democratic society. “The goal is to ensure that our work is empowering citizens, bolstering responsive governance, and increasing accountability,” said Twining. “This Impact Report captures some of the most striking examples of how the Institute has made a difference through our programs in 2023.”

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