IRI Sponsors Former Mexican President’s Visit to Nicaragua

The International Republican Institute (IRI) sponsored a trip by former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Managua, Nicaragua from August 11-12, 2008.  During the trip President Fox participated in the State of Democracy in Latin America forum, and meet with national leaders and the Nicaraguan business community.

During his speech at the State of Democracy in Latin America forum, President Fox discussed the current political situation in the region and urged Nicaraguans to become “agents of democracy” by promoting the democratic vote, strengthening young leaders and educating civil society about their rights and civil obligations.  More than 250 local leaders and representatives attended the forum sponsored by IRI and 10 local civil society organizations and universities.

President Fox also met with national leaders and representatives of the Nicaraguan business community.  His message to the national leaders was to defend democracy, the rule of law, and economic freedom; and to promote the integrity of the electoral process.  To the local business community, President Fox urged their involvement in the future of Nicaragua.  He cited various examples from Mexico’s history and pressed the major business stakeholders to play a role in the “national dialogue.”

President Fox gave several interviews with Nicaraguan media including the newspaper La Prensa

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