Washington, DC – The International Republican Institute (IRI) released the following statement on the second anniversary of the military coup in Burma.

“Today, IRI recognizes the bravery and resilience of the Burmese people who continue to struggle for freedom and democracy despite grave risks to their safety and livelihoods. Their dedication to democratic values and building a government that respects human dignity is truly inspiring.

“IRI strongly condemns the military regime’s brutal tactics and ongoing human rights abuses as it conducts an indiscriminate and violent campaign against its citizens. This includes torturing civilians, burning villages and homes, and committing sexual and gender-based violence which only pushes the country deeper into a political and economic crisis.

“It’s time for the military junta to immediately stop these attacks and allow unimpeded humanitarian access to vulnerable populations. Further, the regime’s attempt to legitimize its grip on power through a sham elections process later this year is nothing more than a smokescreen and should be firmly rejected by the international community.

“IRI remains steadfast in supporting Burma’s pro-democracy movement and their desire for a free and democratic future.”

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