Washington, DC—The International Republican Institute (IRI) issued the following statement in response to a recent report in the Free Malaysia Today News alleging that IRI worked with Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders to undermine the Barisan Nastional (BN) government:

“IRI categorically rejects the sensational headline by the Free Malaysia Today News that the Institute worked with the opposition coalition prior to the May 9, 2018 general elections in an attempt to undermine the ruling BN government.  

“IRI is a non-partisan organization that has worked with partners in Malaysia since 2002 to strengthen the ability of political parties to compete in elections and adhere to the practices of citizen-centered governance. IRI has provided non-partisan capacity building support to political parties across the political spectrum in the form of direct training workshops and consultations with both the PH and BN coalitions. IRI does not provide financial assistance to political parties in Malaysia.

“These activities have engaged participants from across the political and social spectrum, and have included initiatives designed to increase youth participation within political and civic spheres and to strengthen the capacity of Malaysia’s civil society organizations. Through this work, IRI has helped Malaysian citizens hold their elected officials accountable and communicate their concerns to government.”

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