Washington, DC – IRI today issued the following statement in regards to an exit poll it conducted conjunction with Kenya’s December 27 elections.

“McClatchy Newspaper recently ran an article “Kenyan president lost election, U.S. exit poll indicates,” which questioned why IRI has not released an exit poll it conducted in conjunction with the December 27 elections.

“The article claims that the poll ‘further undermines an election result that many international observers have described as flawed.’

“The initial decision to not release the poll was made because there were concerns about the validity of the initial results, which were based on incomplete raw data in part because the violence throughout Kenya has delayed the return of questionnaires.

“IRI will not release any polling results unless and until we are confident in the integrity of the data.  For IRI to rush to release a poll that was incomplete and possibly inaccurate would have been irresponsible and dangerous given the situation in Kenya.”

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