WASHINGTON, DC – The International Republican Institute (IRI) issued the following statement on the release of 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners:

“The International Republican Institute (IRI) welcomes the release of 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners today and applauds the commitment of the U.S. government, the international community, local organizations, and democratic actors who have worked to raise awareness of and advocate for the release of political prisoners and the restoration of democracy in Nicaragua. Moreover, we continue to stand in solidarity with the families of political prisoners, including Monsignor Alvarez and other religious leaders, who remain unjustly incarcerated.

“While the release of these political prisoners is significant, we condemn the regime’s move to permanently strip the citizenship of those who landed in the United States today. We remain concerned by the Nicaraguan government’s efforts to undermine democracy by not allowing free and fair elections, and its persecution of opposition leaders and groups. The people of Nicaragua deserve to live in liberty under the law, with a democratic government that is accountable to its citizens.”

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