The International Republican Institute (IRI) trained young political activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina representing the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and Narodna Stranka Radom za Bolijitak (NSRzB).  The September training, held in Sarajevo, brought together young leaders from across Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop skills in grassroots organization, recruitment and advocacy.

As part of IRI’s ongoing grassroots organization and advocacy work with political parties and civil society organizations, IRI volunteer trainer Amanda Hydro provided participants with techniques to effectively support their respective parties and increase their parties’ youth involvement.  Hydro drew upon her leadership experience as Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee and her policy expertise as Director of Policy Development for the Reason Foundation in Washington, DC.  The training participants also explored policy theory and development, a necessary component of grassroots campaigning.  

“This training was unique,” noted Sumatic Ninoslava, SNSD member from the Bosnian town of Doboj.  “We were given tools to build up our party in a municipality where our party is currently weak and strengthen our voice as youth within the party.”  

During the training, participants were coached on utilizing membership tables to recruit students, canvassing their neighborhoods and communities, holding mock elections, and developing long-term results-oriented organization plans for political success.  Hydro also encouraged participants to develop creative special projects to mobilize and inspire youth activists during non-campaign years.

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