Poll Says Ukrainians’ Trust in Volunteers Rises Again

Kyiv Post

Volunteers enjoy the highest level of trust among all institutions of Ukraine, according to a survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI) regarding the sentiments of residents of regional centers for a number of indicators, Sociological Group Rating Deputy Director Lubomyr Mysiv has said.

“This is a very interesting diagram, because if we compare it to the previous one, we’ll see significant changes as after the elections we had a situation when central executive authorities, such as the president, the parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, ranked first in terms of trust and approval… Now we can see that the population’s sentiments have changed, the parliament and the government of Ukraine in fact have returned to their positions, especially the parliament’s rating,” Mysiv said during the online presentation “The Sixth All-Ukrainian Municipal Poll of the International Republican Institute (IRI)” on April 15.

Some 63% respondents said they trust volunteers (in the balance of the “approve” and “disapprove” assessments). They are followed by the army (46%), church (46%), non-governmental organizations (46%), neighbors’ unions (41%), local media (22%), National Guard (21%), city mayor (16%), trade unions (15%), president of Ukraine (14%), national media (11%), local council (3%), executive council of the local council (0%). Negative balance of trust was assigned to the police (-7%), regional council (-9%), regional state administration (-10%), municipal companies (-20%), Security Service of Ukraine (-23%), parliament (-31%), government (-23%), National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (-49%), prosecution agencies (-50%), courts (-50%),

The survey was conducted from January 25 to February 17 and examined the moods of residents of regional centers regarding: assessing the quality of services and services, assessing the level of opportunities in the city, interacting with local government institutions, assessing the performance of state and non-state institutions, the sphere of municipal development, electoral preferences and motives of electoral choice, migration moods of urban residents, urban identity.

The All-Ukrainian municipal survey of the IRI is held for the sixth consecutive year in 24 regional centers of Ukraine that are not under the control of Russia-occupation forces, including Mariupol and Severodonetsk in Donbas. The survey was conducted on the basis of a sample that included 19,200 respondents.

The survey was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Previous research has been supported by the Government of Canada and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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