IRI’s Fauriol and Skelley Contribute Chapters to Latin American Politics and Development

Georges A. Fauriol, Senior Vice President at the International Republican Institute and Esther Skelley, Strategic Planning Specialist contributed chapters to Latin American Politics and Development, Sixth Edition, edited by Howard J. Wiarda and Harvey F. Kline and published by Westview Press.  

The book is “the only text organized in a country-by country basis” and seeks to “examine why Latin America is different from the United States, why it lagged behind economically and politically, how societies cast historically in a medieval and semifeudal mode have gone about achieving modernization and development, what paths of national development the distinct countries of the area have followed, and the evolution and difficulties of democracy in the area.”

The chapter by Fauriol examines Haiti’s problems with governance and Skelley’s looks at the Dominican Republic’s path to democracy and development.

Haiti: The Failures of Governance, by Georges A. Fauriol
The Dominican Republic: A Winding Road to Democracy and Development, by Esther M. Skelley

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