IRI’s Stephen Nix Looks at Russia’s Invasion of Crimea in European View Journal

Responding to the Russian invasion of Crimea: policy recommendations for US and European leaders
European View
By Stephen B. Nix


In February 2014, Russia invaded Crimea, Ukraine.  Two weeks later it annexed the region.  This gross violation of international laws and agreements cannot be tolerated—and it is up to the international community to deliver a decisive, punitive response that seeks to limit Russian influence in Europe and the rest of the world over time.  In order to counter Russian expansionism, US and European leaders must work to bolster the democracies of the Eastern Partnership states, develop a safe and secure energy supply for European countries, strengthen the defences of the front-line NATO states of Central and Eastern Europe, and re-evaluate the exchange of goods between Europe and Russia.  In addition, international support for the new Ukrainian government will be essential in the coming years.  Failure to deliver an appropriate response will have grave consequences for the future world order.  To purchase the complete article, click here.

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