NDI/IRI IEOM Urgently Call for Calm Following Announcement of Presidential Results in Kenya

The joint International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) urgently call for calm following the announcement of presidential results in Kenya and strongly encourage any disputes over the election results to be resolved peacefully through appropriate legal channels.

The NDI/IRI IEOM expresses serious concern over the disappearance of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) returning officer for Embakasi East constituency. We extend our sympathies to anyone affected by election violence and urge the police to fully investigate these acts and prosecute the perpetrators. All candidates should immediately direct their supporters to refrain from violence and publicly commit to seeking redress through the courts.

The joint IRI/NDI IEOM for Kenya’s August 9, 2022 general elections issued a preliminary statement with initial findings and recommendations on the pre-election period as well as election day voting processes on August 11. NDI and IRI urged all parties to strictly adhere to Kenyan law and allow the electoral processes to continue without interference. We continue to call for all parties, candidates, and their supporters to adhere to commitments made to peaceful elections and to reject violence.

The joint NDI/IRI IEOM has been observing the tabulation of results and notes that the IEBC transmitted and posted on its web portal scanned images of the polling station level results and constituency results for the presidential election. This greatly enhanced transparency and accountability of the tabulation process and was a notable improvement over past elections. In addition, political parties, international and citizen observers as well as media houses have had their representatives present at the national tallying center (Bomas). 

In addition, the IRI/NDI mission notes that a parallel vote tabulation (PVT) has again been conducted to provide an independent assessment of the tallying process and verification of the presidential results. PVT’s are based on a well established statistical methodology used around the world and across Africa. PVT’s are conducted in a strictly independent and impartial manner on behalf of all voters and provide valuable information on the credibility of election results. At this critical moment it is vital to see the electoral process to its conclusion–including through the nonviolent resolution of any disputes. Kenya has an opportunity to continue its legacy as an important role model for democracy in the region and in Africa. Irrespective of the final outcome the new government must unite Kenyans under a common goal of advancing representative and inclusive governance and, importantly, to ensure that the promises of democracy are delivered for all her citizens.

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