Revitalizing Women’s Wings in Political Parties in Moldova

In Moldova, IRI trained and provided technical assistance to political parties which increased recruitment of women candidates. According to IRI’s polling data, conducted and released in 2023, Moldovans want to align with the West and accede to the European Union. In support of these aspirations, it is critical to shore up Moldova’s democracy by ensuring political parties develop strong national networks that draw from a variety of voices and perspectives. Such networks and connections are vital to establishing and maintaining a pipeline of new political leaders, including those from traditionally marginalized or underrepresented groups, who are prepared with the knowledge and skills to continue to deepen Moldova’s democracy.

In support of this goal, throughout 2023, IRI held nearly 90 training sessions and events for more than 20 Moldovan political parties on strategic planning, campaign training, and aiding women’s wings in strategic communications and constituent outreach. Leveraging what they learned during IRI workshops, one political party, the Platform of Dignity and Truth (DA Platform), successfully revitalized its women’s wing, recognizing untapped potential in this important demographic. IRI guided party leadership as it developed a strategic plan for the women’s coalition that clearly articulated its priorities and objectives. Following steps outlined in the strategic plan, the party intentionally involved women party members in mayoral campaigns, elevated policy issues important to women, including economic opportunities and countering violence against women and children, and recruited more than 60 women to run for mayoral positions in the November elections.  Many of the women recruited were first-time candidates, a significant achievement to ensure women’s voices and perspectives are heard in politics in Moldova.

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