Selected Coverage of IRI Mentions in Tributes to McCain

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Liberia: Statement by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the Passing of Senator John S. McCain – All Africa

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John McCain Was Always There for America – Foreign Policy

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Scoop Jackson and John McCain – Council on Foreign Relations

Remembering John McCain, Moscow’s Enemy No. 1 – CNN

‘John McCain the Diplomat’ Will Be Irreplaceable, Senate Colleagues Say – The Daily Beast

McCain’s choice of Russian dissident as pallbearer is final dig at Putin, Trump – Politico

Senate Should Honor John McCain By Getting Tougher on Russia, Says Graham – Roll Call

‘Kind of an irreplaceable void’: GOP wonders if anyone can seize the McCain mantle – The Washington Post

John McCain’s Memorial at the National Cathedral: Everything you need to know – W USA 9

McCain Adviser: ‘He Believed in American Exceptionalism to the Very Core of His Being’ – The Washington Free Beacon

Sen. John McCain: best friend of Ukraine – The Ukrainian Weekly

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