Senator Tom Daschle Praises Work of IRI and NDI in Egypt on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Senator Tom Daschle Praises Work of IRI and NDI in Egypt
MSNBC’s Morning Joe

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Tom Daschle praised the work of the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute in discussing support for democracy in Egypt.

“There is a silver lining in all of this.  Twenty-five years ago we created something – and I was involved in this in Congress – the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the International Republican Institute, to create the foundations of democracy in all of these countries. It’s not going to be a League of Women Voters.  We’ve got presence on what we call a second track in all of these countries who have worked for years and years to help build these democratic institutions at the earliest stages and to find these people ultimately who will be running government.  I’m very encouraged by what I’m seeing at all of the levels within these countries today.  I think you’re going to see that investment pay off.  We aren’t directly involved as a country but we support the NDI and the IRI in a way that I think will pay really big dividends.”

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