The work of the Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) Guatemala chapter was recently highlighted on a local radio station Nuevo Mundo.  The station interviewed the chapter’s board of directors (pictured right) on March 7, during a one hour special that introduced the chapter to listeners, highlighted upcoming activities and discussed issues that are facing women in Guatemala.

During the interview, the women issued an on-air request to the President of the Guatemalan Congress Roberto Alejos asking him to meet with the chapter in order to present him with data from a public opinion poll which shows public support for gender quotas.  The women have been trying to get the Congress to hold a hearing on the possibility of establishing gender quotas.

During the radio interview, Matilde Terraza and Patricia Chin, spoke of their recent experience attending the annual WDN International Women’s Day Conference.  The conference began with a two-day workshop at the Leadership Institute on the topic of building a winning campaign and running a successful civil society organization.

In addition to workshops, the delegation had the opportunity to meet with leading U.S. government officials, and American women who are leaders in politics, civil society and business sector. 

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