Washington, DC – IRI conducted a one-day, public opinion survey  in Afghanistan during the October 9, 2004 presidential election.  David Williams and Associates, a U.S.-based opinion research firm that specializes in international research projects, designed the methodology and oversaw the data collection process.  An Afghan research network managed the fieldwork.

Since there were neither extensive nationwide observers on Election Day, nor a parallel vote tally, this Election Day survey was conducted in order to provide confidence in the election process and an eventual check on the outcome.  In addition, IRI felt it was important to survey the opinion of ordinary Afghans so that the President-elect will better understand his or her mandate.

More than 450 Afghans (both men and women) took part in the field work.  Teams were placed in 177 locations spread across 26 provinces and Pakistan.  All data is based on results from 17,110 respondents.

Preliminary Findings:

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