IRI’s September 2020 poll of Jordanians showed robust support for women’s social and political equality. Among other highlights, 89% agreed that women should be allowed to pass citizenship along to their children, notwithstanding current law that only allows citizenship to pass from fathers. Additionally, 86% of Jordanians agreed that women should receive equal pay for doing the same job as their male counterparts. Furthermore, 84% of Jordanians support women serving as public leaders such as ministers, judges, mayors, and governors. Gender equality is essential to the success of any society and this poll makes clear that support for social and political equality for Jordanian women is strong nationwide.

In addition, IRI’s poll demonstrates that a large majority of Jordanians are concerned about the quality of information in media. In total, 83% feel that “misleading or false” information in the media is problematic for the country. A well-informed citizenry is a key element to a successful democracy and Jordanians appear united in their desire for credible news sources.

To learn more about IRI’s Jordan Poll click here.

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