Washington, DC – A new poll released by IRI found Iraqis strongly oppose the idea of segregating the country.  Seventy-eight percent strongly disagree or disagree with the idea of segregating Iraqis according to religious or ethnic sects.  An overwhelming majority, 89 percent, believe that a unity government is extremely important to Iraq’s future.

Iraqis also indicated support for Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and the new government.  Fifty-five percent approve of the way Prime Minister Al-Maliki is handling his job and 58 percent of Iraqis indicated they are very confident or somewhat confident in the new government compared to 27 percent who are somewhat unconfident or not confident.  With this new government in place, 41 percent of Iraqis now feel the country is on the right track, compared to 30 percent in the last IRI poll.

Security, infrastructure and economic development are the most pressing issues facing the country according to respondents.  As the new government begins its work, 51 percent of Iraqis feel security should be the highest priority for the new government, 33 percent listed it as the second and third priority. Twenty-three percent responded that improving Iraq’s infrastructure should be the highest priority, with 48 percent listing it second and third.  Only seven percent of Iraqis listed economic development as the highest priority, however, 47 percent listed it as the second and third priority.

More than 2,800 face-to-face interviews were conducted from June 14-24, 2006.  Interviews were conducted in all of Iraq’s 18 governorates.  The margin of error is plus or minus three percent.

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