Washington, DC – An IRI poll conducted from February 27-March 5, 2005, shows that a majority of Iraqis are optimistic about the direction of their country and hopeful for their future.  Results also show a majority of Iraqis feel the January 30 election was fair and impartial and that the Transitional National Assembly (TNA) will represent the Iraqi people as a whole.

“The optimism of the Iraqi people continues to grow as they move forward in building a democratic Iraq,” said Lorne Craner, president of IRI.  “The increased optimism in Iraq is a clear result of the country’s successful January 30 election.”

The new survey revealed that 61.5 percent of Iraqis believe that their country is headed in the right direction compared to only 23.2 percent who feel Iraq is headed in the wrong direction.  The nearly 40 point margin between right direction and wrong direction is the largest since IRI began polling in May 2004, and this margin is more than double what it was in the poll taken from January 13-24, 2005.  The current poll further shows that more than 90 percent of Iraqis feel hopeful for their future.

Looking ahead to the constitutional process, more than 56 percent of Iraqis know that the TNA will be responsible for writing a permanent constitution.  This number is up from 32.9 percent in the November 24-December 5, 2004 poll.  An additional 52.6 percent understood that the constitution drafted by the TNA will have to be approved by national referendum later in the year.

An Iraqi polling firm conducted 2,200 face-to-face interviews in 15 of the 18 governorates.  The margin of error is plus or minus three percent. 

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