Overwhelming Majority of Iraqis Plan to Vote in Constitutional Referendum

Washington, DC – An IRI poll conducted September 6-12, 2005, found that an overwhelming majority of Iraqis plan to vote in the constitutional referendum scheduled for October 15, 2005.  Eighty-five percent of Iraqis plan to vote in the referendum, which will decide if the constitution drafted by the Iraqi National Assembly is adopted.

As the October referendum approaches, a majority of Iraqis, 53 percent, are confident they will be able to vote safely and 30 percent feel it will be dangerous, but plan to vote anyway.  Forty-nine percent feel the draft constitution represents the will of the Iraqi people compared to only 17 percent who feel it represents the will of only certain ethnic or religious groups and 13 percent who feel it doesn’t represent the will of the people at all.

Fifty-two percent of Iraqis strongly agree or somewhat agree that the various ethnic and religious groups were able to fully take part in the drafting of the constitution.  When asked how the draft constitution addresses key issues, Iraqis strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that it:

Optimism remains strong with 50 percent of Iraqis feeling the future will be better or much better in six months, 63 percent in one year and 72 percent in five years.  The Iraqi people also feel a sense of unity with 56 percent responding that national unity is the same or higher than it was a year ago.
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