Overwhelming Majority of Iraqis Plan to Vote in Tomorrow’s Referendum

Washington, DC – An IRI poll conducted October 9-11, 2005, found that an overwhelming majority of Iraqis plan to vote in tomorrow’s constitutional referendum.  Eighty-seven percent of Iraqis plan to vote in the referendum, which will decide if the constitution drafted by the Iraqi National Assembly is adopted. In Sunni areas, 83 percent of Iraqis responded they intend to participate in the process and vote in the referendum.

As the October referendum approaches, a majority of Iraqis, 55 percent, are confident they will be able to vote safely and 27 percent feel it will be dangerous, but plan to vote anyway.  Fifty-three percent feel the draft constitution represents the will of the Iraqi people compared to only 17 percent who feel it represents the will of only certain ethnic or religious groups and 14 percent who feel it doesn’t represent the will of the people at all.

When asked how the draft constitution addresses key issues, Iraqis strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that it:

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