Survey of Syrian Opposition Reveals Desire for International Intervention

Washington, DC – IRI today released a survey of Syrian opposition and its analysis, the second Syria-related survey the Institute has released in the past month (see: IRI Poll: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Desire New Government, Democracy).  Fieldwork was conducted from June 1 – July 2, 2012, and was undertaken in cooperation with international survey research firm Pechter Polls of Princeton, NJ. 

Given security considerations, the survey was conducted electronically using a referral, or “snowball” method, rather than through strictly random selection of respondents, as would be done in a public opinion poll.  To achieve broader representation, key individuals (or channels) were used to initiate the referral chain, ultimately reaching a sample of 1,168 opposition members, approximately 315 of whom were inside Syria.  Margin of error is not strictly applicable to this survey because of the non-random selection of respondents.

Key findings:


On September 21, 2012, IRI released additional information from this survey on the opposition’s visions for a Post-Assad Syria.

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