Washington, DC – IRI issued the following statement on the terrorist attacks in Nice.

“On July 14, the very day when the people of France came together to celebrate their love for and commitment to the grand ideas of liberté, égalité, fraternité, scores have yet again fallen victim to terrorism. 

“IRI stands with the families of the victims, the people of Nice and the French Republic as they come to terms with the impact of this senseless act. 

“On a wall in President Washington’s home at Mount Vernon there hangs a very large iron key – the key to the Bastille presented as a gift by the Marquis de Lafayette to Washington.  It symbolizes the common French and American struggle against those who would enslave free men and women. 

“In this tradition, we at IRI will continue to invest in building ever closer ties among the democracies in the transatlantic community to fight more effectively against the radically violent ideologies that are responsible for these deaths and threaten the values that we all hold so dear.

“Vive la République! Vive la France!”

Statment in French. 

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