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1: government by the people

The dominant narrative today says Europe’s democracy is in retreat. To be sure, the challenges are real – from emboldened authoritarians to hyper-polarized discourse. Generations that lived through Communism have seen democracy’s promises of liberty and prosperity deliver mixed results. But that isn’t the only story about democracy in Europe. Every day, young people are driving change in their own communities by doing the day-to-day work of democracy. In this episode, we’ll hear from six young civic and political leaders from the European Democracy Youth Network on why democracy offers the solutions to the challenges facing their countries.


Host Sam Johannes speaks with:


Esma Gumberidze

UN Youth Delegate to the 74th General Assembly (Georgia)


Konstantina Stoyanova

Member, Bulgaria for Citizens Movement (Bulgaria)


Malik Sakic

Vice President, Youth Forum of Our Party (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


Juela Hamati

President, European Democracy Youth Network (Albania)


Aleksander Savic

National Coordinator for Communications & Fundraising, Da Se Zna! (Serbia)


Luka Krzhaloski

Secretary General, European Democracy Youth Network (North Macedonia)

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