2024 Year of Elections Event with Shannon Green

1225 I Street Northwest #800 Washington, DC 20005 January 30, 2024 11:00am – 12:30pm

We are entering a landmark year for elections worldwide. Nearly 100 countries comprising more than half the global population are scheduled to hold electoral contests in what should be the most decisive year for elections in world history.

With so much at stake, IRI invites you to join USAID DRG Assistant to the Administrator Shannon Green and a panel of regional experts who will examine the opportunities and challenges facing elections around the world.


Dan Negrea, Senior Director for the Freedom & Prosperity Center, Atlantic Council

Will Meeker, Senior Director for Africa, IRI

Adam King, Regional Director for East Asia & the Pacific IRI

Rebecca Bill Chavez, President and CEO, Inter-American Dialogue

Tess McEnery, Executive Director, Middle East Democracy Center

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