IRI has supported democratization efforts in Eurasia for 30 years, where the spirit and desire for democracy is evident on the streets and byways of cities and villages in countries throughout the region.

A lady holds up a sign in protest; the sign says "Belarus Free"

IRI works in countries at every stage of democratic development, from those in the midst of democratic transitions to closed authoritarian regimes, providing support to political reformers, democratic opposition, and civil society. We also collaborate with advocates to respond to ongoing and emerging challenges to democracy in the region, including corruption, malign foreign influence, and disinformation. To support democratic development in Eurasia, we engage with political parties, citizens, and public officials. 

Across Eurasia, IRI is helping build multi-party political systems, and works with established and emerging political movements. IRI works with leaders to evaluate the ways campaigns are conducted, election processes, and looks at post-election trends in order to hold stakeholders accountable and offer recommendations to improve the integrity and transparency of future elections.

IRI also supports civil society organizations (CSOs) and grassroots activists to better advocate for change in their communities. To that end, IRI organizes leadership development activities, with a particular focus on boosting civic and political engagement among underrepresented groups like young people and women. To promote citizen-responsive governance, IRI encourages participation in the levels of government that most directly affect people’s daily lives. 

On both the local and national level, IRI helps elected officials and governments listen to their constituents and respond to their concerns and priorities. To improve data-driven governance, IRI does public opinion research to promote evidence-based policymaking.

IRI also supports media organizations to respond to the major challenges facing their communities, including disinformation and inaccurate information relating to public health crises and other issues. 

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A woman holding a child casts her ballot

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Uzbekistan Chambers


Since 2019, IRI has worked with the Oliy Majlis, the lower house of parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan, connecting legislators with international peers and experts to encourage them to improve and…

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