Since 2019, IRI has worked with the Oliy Majlis, the lower house of parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan, connecting legislators with international peers and experts to encourage them to improve and strengthen their oversight role and to connect them to citizens at the national and local levels.

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IRI’s work in Uzbekistan consists of a series of activities with the legislature of Uzbekistan, primarily the Oliy Majlis. These activities include inter-parliamentary meetings between the Oliy Majlis and the Lithuanian legislature through IRI’s Baltic Eurasia Inter-Parliamentary Institute (BEIPTI), a connection that had led to long-term partnership, as well as bilateral assistance in drafting legislative solutions on key issues and priorities in Uzbekistan. By connecting the Oliy Majlis as well as other members of the national and local governments in Uzbekistan to their peers worldwide and to global experts, IRI is helping these bodies fulfill a role as an independent, robust, and responsive branch of government. By connecting them with experts on gathering citizen feedback and writing citizen-led legislation, IRI also helps build a window through which the people of Uzbekistan will be able to build their future together.

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