Moldova holds competitive elections, and the rights of free assembly, expression, and religion are protected. Pervasive corruption and a weak rule of law remain concerns. But drawing on the vast Moldovan diaspora, IRI Moldova seeks to highlight the talents, resources, and knowledge of the people to build a more transparent, inclusive, and citizen-focused political culture.

Voter casts ballot in Moldova

IRI’s work in Moldova promotes accountability and inclusivity in the country’s political parties, with the goal of building trust between parties and voters. With IRI’s partnership, political parties have built nationwide democratic structures that allow them to connect with citizens and provide policy solutions that address real needs. In addition, through IRI’s programs on transparency, citizens have a greater level of knowledge about the finances of their elected officials and political parties.

A new generation of young political leaders are empowered by IRI’s political leadership schools, training for political party youth branches, and consultations with other rising young politicians. Today, Moldova’s parliament has more young members than ever before in the nation’s history. In addition, IRI equips women to run for office, serve as community leaders, and become decision-makers in their political parties. In these efforts, IRI collaborates with the local chapters of the IRI Generation Democracy Network and European Democracy Youth Network.  

In addition to this work, IRI provides decisionmakers in political parties, government, and civil society with valuable insights through regular survey research. With the findings from IRI’s research, Moldova’s political parties can develop policies that address the most pressing challenges, and which are responsive to citizens’ priorities as expressed in polling and at the ballot box. Through international election observation missions, extensive training of political party observers, and motivational voter education campaigns among the diaspora, IRI is committed to election integrity in Moldova. Moldova’s sizeable diaspora, estimated to be up to 20 percent of the country’s population, represents a wealth of knowledge, relationships, and opinion that can be leveraged for the benefit of all citizens. IRI’s programs recognize the vital role the diaspora is already playing and builds on that by facilitating it’s expanded political participation, through party membership, voting, and civic engagement.

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